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MaskEditor is a GUI program which can process the GDS files commonly used for mask layouts and facilitates the creation of 3D input files for CSUPREM. It can also be used to independently define simple mask layouts, as can be seen on the NovaTCAD product page.

MaskEditor is available as a stand-alone free download:

Download GhostScript/GSView

There are two main approaches that can be used to plot results from Crosslight Software simulations. The first is our own CrosslightView program which is a user-friendly GUI program based on OpenGL. The second uses GnuPlot as a back-end to produce Postscript (.ps) files and is better suited to batch processing.

To display the postscript files, a special program may be required. Under Microsoft Windows, we recommend the use of the freely available GhostScript and GSView programs. Other programs like Okular may also be available depending on your platform.

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